Skilager Sedrun, Februar 2020

Wir blicken auf ein gelungenes Skilager in Sedrun zurück - hier einige Impressionen.

Gerätesporttag Januar 2020 – 3. Sek

Buntes Programm bei den Gerätesporttagen im Januar – hier die Tanz-Choreographien der 3. Sek.

Weihnachtskonzert 2019 der 1. Sek

Die 1. Sek sang mit viel Herzblut und begleitete sich gleich selbst am Flügel - eine wunderschöne Stimmung, getragen von viel Gemeinsinn.

English+ Report and Results 2019 (Schuljahr 2018/2019)

Zum 11. Mal konnten die Schüler im neunten Schuljahr der Sekundarschule Niederweningen das Freifach English + wählen, um eine Cambridge Prüfung abzulegen. Die Sekundarschule Niederweningen ist seit Jahren für die Vorbereitung auf die Cambridge Prüfungen zertifiziert. Hier finden Sie das aktuelle Zertifikat.

Nach einem tollen und arbeitsreichen Schuljahr (für alle Beteiligten!) haben die Schüler ihre Prüfung absolviert. 

Das sind die hervorragenden Resultate:

Advanced (C1) Candidates

Noemi Probst


FCE for schools (B2) Candidates

Shawn Strigenz

Pass Grade B

Fabio Furrer

Pass Grade C

Sophie Bachmann

Pass Grade C

Rion Muqaj

Pass Grade C

Céline Bugmann

Bass Grade C

Robin Franz

Pass Grade C

Sachin Thondical

Pass Grade C

Dave Feer

Pass Grade B

Luis Ramos de Oliveira

Pass Grade C

Grade B = 173-179 Punkte auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’  (B2)
Grade C = 160-172 Punkte auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’ (B2)


PET (B1) Candidates

Evelyn Müller

Pass with Merit*

Noah Bahrami

Pass with Merit*

Luana Eberhard

Pass with Distinction**

Sarah Onda

Pass with Distinction**

Johanna Awa Wenzel

Pass with Merit*

Lukas Kofel


Lino Leusciatti

Pass with Distinction**

Amos Lamaña

Pass with Merit*

Lukas Schaltegger


Yannick Göpfert

Pass with Merit*

Rahman Mogushkov

Pass with Merit*

Michelle Clausen


Aisvini Asokathasan

Pass with Merit*

Myrielle Meier

Pass with Merit*

Dalia Lehner

Pass with Merit*

Cynthia Lang

Pass with Merit*

Liam Stevanovic


Zoe Stutz

Pass with Merit*

** = 160-170 Punkte von maximal 170 Punkten auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’ (B2)
*= 153-159 Punkte von maximal 170 Punkten auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’ (B1)

KET (A2) Kandidaten

Krishnakanth Pushpakanthan

Pass with Merit*

Luana Mülli

Pass with Distinction**

Sina Häberli

Pass with Merit*

Xenia Ehmke

Pass with Distinction**

Jenny Hofmänner


Vanessa Jöhl

Pass with Distinction**

Loris Scianna

Pass with Distinction**

Cédric Spitzer


Vanessa Mahipan


Philipp Hirt

Pass with Distinction**

Léon Volkart

Pass with Merit*

Robin Wick


Arbnora Jusufi

Pass with Merit*

Amy Krähenbühl

Pending (Speaking Test not yet taken)

Nick Meier

Pass with Distinction**

** = 140-150 Punkte von maximal 150 Punkten auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’ (B1)
*= 133-139 Punkte von maximal 150 Punkten auf der ‚Cambridge English Scale’ (A2)

Ich möchte an dieser Stelle allen Kandidatinnen und Kandidaten für das spannende Schuljahr mit euch danken, allen GRATULIEREN, und euch mindestens so viel Erfolg wünschen für euren weiteren Bildungsweg wie im English +!
Susan Hirt 


Eindrücke aus Schülersicht über English+

Cambridge Exam Advanced


The Exams:

The written exams took place on the 12th of June at 8:30. All the participants had to arrive at least 30 min before the start of the exams. The room in which they took place was filled with tables and chairs. First, we had to take our IDs, Entry Statements, water bottles, pens, highlighters and I-Phones out of our bags and leave them with our jackets in a separate room. Everyone had a Candidate Number written on their Entry Statement which was also our seating number. 

There were four instructors, one was standing on a podium giving us instructions and the other three were helping us with finding our seat and checking our IDs and Entry Statements.  Before the start we had to turn off our phones and put them in little blue bag which was sound resistant. After everything had been checked, the Reading and Use of English exam started. We had to do exercises like filling words into gaps in a text or choosing between false and true statements about a text. I struggled a bit with the Use of English, but overall it wasn’t too hard to solve. After a short beak we continued with the Writing exams. In part 1 we had to write about the best way to find out information about a career. In part 2 we had to choose between three different options. In both parts we had to write at least 250 words. 

Finally, we had the Listening exam.

Out of the three exams I thought this was the easiest. I was tired and relieved after the exams finished.


The Speaking exam:

On the 14th of June I had my speaking exam at 16:10. I had to arrive 15 min early.

At the entrance I was asked to show my ID and Entry Statement again and then I waited with all the other teenagers taking the advanced exam in the waiting room. There I got to meet my speaking partner.

After 10 min of nervously waiting, our names got called and we had to get ready.

The examiner was very friendly and asked us for our marking sheet. 

In the first part we were asked some random questions about ourselves. Then each of us had to talk about three different photographs. After that we were shown a mind-map about the important parts of starting a new business. We had to talk to each other about what we thought was the most important one and afterwards we were alternately asked questions about our opinions.

I was very nervous before the speaking exam, but when I started talking my nervousness went away.




FCE Speaking


On the 24th May we took the speaking exam in Zürich. This was the first part of the exam. We travelled by train to Zürich main station and walked to the Cambridge Institute. The tests were spread out over the day. During our way to the institute, we got a bit excited. When we finally arrived most of us felt ready to do the test successfully. We were welcomed by a kind woman. Firstly, they had a look at our ID and our Entry Statement. After 10 minutes they told us to enter the exam room. There were two women in the room waiting for us. When the exam started my speaking partner and I were not nervous anymore. The most important tip is that you should speak the full time, fluently and clearly. After 14 minutes the speaking test was finished. I was very relieved after the test and after that, I enjoyed my time in Zürich




Speaking Practice


We looked at many different tasks in the lessons, how to speak and looked at what we had to do in the exams. We also watched a real speaking exam from a DVD.

We learned a lot and we got some worksheets building up words we can use and which words or grammar we have to use in different contexts.

Everybody could do like a real exam with a partner with Mrs. Hirt, so we were really well prepared for the test.

The preparing was very helpful and I didn’t have any big problems at the real exam.




English FCE: Reading & Use of English


The Exams were tough. Not all of us were nervous, but in any case, it was tough.

The Exams were in a Hotel at the Lindenplatz. We needed to get up early in the morning, so everyone of us was extremely tired. The tests were in a big hall. There were a lot of students and it was quite hard to find our seats. The FCE students were all at different ages. 

There were a lot of people who were there to check that nobody was cheating or to help us during the exams. 

In front of everybody was a lady who was the boss I think. She told us a lot of things about the test and was also the time manager.

Between the different exams were little breaks. We were not allowed to take our phones out with us in the breaks.

At 13.15 o clock, the test was finished. 

We were all extremely tired and happy that it was finished.

I’m happy that I was able to take the exams and excited about the results.




Writing Task at FCE


On 25th May, the First Certificate class, went for the First Certificate Exams.

The third test of the day was the writing test. We had one hour and twenty minutes for this exam, which was more than enough time, so everyone said.

The first task was mandatory for all students. After we did the first task, we had to choose one of the four remaining tasks. 

In the first part, we had to express our own opinion, if teenagers spend too much time on the computer. I found this task rather easy.

In the second part, where we had to choose the subject, I chose to write a review about a movie in which I had learnt something that is important. It also had to be a movie you would recommend for other people to watch. 

All in all, the exam was surprisingly easy. I enjoyed the two days.




English + FCE for schools.The lessons


Last year we all decided to take part in the preparation course for the Cambridge exams to study and prepare ourselves for the tests. For First Certificate level we had lessons on Wednesday afternoon from half past one to five past three. During the lessons we did lots of different tasks, not only in grammar also in listening, writing and speaking. For that Ms. Hirt gave us many different worksheets and exercises that we did during the lessons or at home as homework. But worksheets were not the only thing that we did, for example for the speaking we did little test exams that would simulate the real speaking test. We also read a book to improve our reading skills. Despite it was on Wednesday afternoon I think it was really worth it, because I think I was very well prepared and I hope I have passed.




English plus is a really good preparation course if you are hoping to do a Cambridge English exam. We had classes on every Wednesday afternoon from 1:30 pm to 3:05 pm. English plus is a great opportunity to improve your English and it’s also a good opportunity to prepare yourself for the Cambridge English exams. If you’re about to reach one of those goals, there is only one requirement: You need to bring motivation and the will to work.

We did many worksheets about grammar and vocabulary. But the most helpful preparation was the pre-testing. We simulated the test situations. It was really helpful, because then we weren’t really nervous during the exams. 

Overall, I would rate English plus as extremely good. But I wish I had done better in the FCE exam????.






Pre-testing for me was good because I used it to prepare myself and get know how it feels to be in a test that really matters. The first pre-test that we did was Use of English. I found it was a little bit hard because you need to use the right grammar and I wasn’t really good at the beginning in grammar. Pre-testing is good because you get to know where your weaknesses are and your strengths. At the beginning I was very nervous because I knew I needed to be good or else I wouldn’t be recommended, but after we got the first tests back I was very confident that I could do well in the exam.

The pre-testing is not like the real Cambridge exam, I found the pre-testing was harder than the Cambridge exam, but that’s only my opinion.




My impression about the PET course


The course has helped me a lot to improve my English skills. During the lessons we worked on our own and talked about the exercises later. When we had any questions we could ask the teacher to get more information about something we hadn’t understood so far.Every week, we had to do one unit in each of the three books we had received in the very beginning of the school year and in addition to that we were given a worksheet. These worksheets focused on different topics in grammar, so every week we improved a little more.

The small books helped to learn more vocabulary and to figure out which common mistakes students often make at our level. 

It was good that we learnt step by step more and the homework was always connected with the exercises at school. We didn’t talk much about the small books, but it wasn’t even necessary. Everything in the books had been explained very clearly so we could even study without looking for more theory on the internet. With the little tests we could see if we had improved and what we still struggled with.

It was very helpful to work in pairs in the course to discuss the different topics and to do some speaking exercises. The speaking exercises with the teacher were even more helpful to improve ourselves and to practise to talk with other students.

At the end I am very grateful that I had the possibility to be in the course. I wasn’t nervous on the day of the exams and was still calm during the exam sitting at the tables and writing our solutions on the question paper.




What do I think about the course?


I think this course is great to learn something about the grammar in English. I really liked the course, because I learned a lot of things I didn’t know before.

I have to say, that sometimes I was really bored in the lessons. I knew a lot, especially in the beginning. So I could not learn a lot. 

As the course went on, it became more interesting. I liked the pretesting exams a lot, because I could understand how the real exam could be built.

I didn’t practise a lot for the real exam, because I was on a great way and knew nearly everything. I would be disappointed if I don’t pass the exams. I’m sure it came out in a great way and I think I’ve passed the exam... but who knows?

I have to say:

...I liked the course a lot. 

...Everyone who wants to reach a goal in English should do this course!

...I hope this course stays at this school.

And last I want to thank Mrs. Hirt for motivating our class for those exams. I respect the way she works. I don’t know other schools, that are offering a course like this. I know that Mrs. Hirt plays a huge part of all that takes place in the course.


Yannik Göpfert


Listening PET


After the Reading and Writing Exam we had a short break. After that the Listening test started. The door opened and we had to sit down at single desks. Our supervisor told us the rules again: „ If you cheat you could be disqualified. If your phone rang you could be disqualified. You have to write with pencil...“

Then we did a sound check. For a person it wasn’t loud enough, so we heard it a second time a little bit louder.

When everything was prepared the booklets were given out. 

The test started.

It was about the same as the pretesting. In the beginning it was very easy, but then it got harder and harder, but it wasn‘t too difficult. In the end we had 6 minutes to copy the answers to the answer sheet. The supervisor then told us to put down the pencils right away.

The papers were collected. the supervisor explained to us how to get our results in two weeks and wished us good luck for the speaking exam. 

We were happy that we had finished this part and went to the lake to have lunch.


Myrielle & Cynthia


We went from Niederweningen Dorf to Kloten with the entire group of whom we all had to make the four tests. The time was 7:05 when we set off. Most of us were really tired but we had a lot of fun on the way to the testing venue. We all had to start with the Writing, then the Reading and finished with the Listening. I’m going to write about the Listening. They introduced us to the test we were going to have. In the test we could not have anything on the table, no sweater, nothing. I really did not understand why, but that was the rule. We had a time span of 30 minutes to listen and write down the answers, what seems like a really short time, but it really wasn’t. The first task, was about crossing out what item was mentioned. The second dialogue was about listening to some narrator and cross out one of the three answers. The third task was about listening carefully to the narrator and finding out which words came in the gaps. The fourth task was a dialogue we had to listen to and cross out what was right or wrong. They then dismissed us and we went to grab our bags and go to get the train to Zurich where we proceeded to have the speaking test.




PET exam Speaking test


In the entrance we had to show our ID card and Entry Statement to a woman who introduced us to the procedure. 

I really liked that we didn’t have to stress... we had time to relax and prepare in the waiting room. 

The bad thing was that the waiting room was really small and a few people couldn’t take a seat. 

After waiting for about 20 minutes, we were sent to a little room and had to wait outside the room until a lady took us in.

As we went into the room we had to put our bags on the side and put our phones in one of those blue little bags after we had switched it off.

The good thing was that the woman asked us the exact same questions as Frau Hirt in the English + class.

I liked how calm the women spoke and she also spoke clearly and  loud enough to understand her well.

It happened a few times, that the woman interrupted us when we were in the middle of a sentence. I didn’t like that.

But all in all, it was really well organised.




The test took part in Zurich. We had to search for the exam-building for quite a long time, because it was very hidden.

Liam and I had to wait for about 15 minutes, then a woman told us to come with her, so we went into the exam room. There was a big table with some chairs and two old British ladies in there. They introduced themselves and told us what we had to do.

I was a bit excited, because they were the first native English speakers of the whole exam day. The test went like this:

1.     We had to spell out our surnames and tell them where we are from and what we do in our free time.

2.     We had to talk about many different pictures, which were different for every group. Liam and I had to talk about, which object would be the best prize for the winner of a competition.

3.     We both had to talk about different pictures and explain what we could see.

4.     We had some follow up questions about the pictures.

The test took about 10-12 minutes. 




When we came to the entrance of the room we had to show our Entry statement and the ID. Afterwards, we waited 15 Minutes in the waiting room until we had the test. The waiting room was very small, which wasn‘t very good.

Exactly at 14:10 a women came and called us in another room. In there she gave us our answer sheets and some information about the speaking exam. We should turn our phones off and put them in the blue bags. We should also keep our answer sheet and the ID in our hand.

After the information we were sent to specific rooms. We waited 5 minutes until a women came to take our exam.

The exam went very well and the two women were very nice. One of them took the exam and the other women filled out the answer sheets. Sometimes the woman interrupted us while speaking, which was very weird, but I think she had to do that because the time was over. They were also very relaxed and let us take our time.

At the end I left the room with a good feeling.




Preliminary English Test-Writing


The Writing test was in the same exam booklet as the Reading. We had to decide between two tasks. The first one was to write an Email to a friend with a recommendation to stay in a small village in the mountains. We had to describe the village and why the friend should go there. In the next task the topics that we had to decide between came. There were two. The first topic was recycling. We had to write an email to a friend and ask what things we could make out of pet recycling. The second task was a story. It was about a girl who came with the train and a lot of people were waiting for her….


Lukas S.


Our English+ lesson 


After we had the input about the speaking test we started to read a book. We were able to choose between two books. The boys chose a book and the girls picked another one. During the lessons the girls were in another room than the boys and we had to read for ourselves in the books. In both books there were before reading activities and while reading activities. We mostly spent one lesson reading for ourselves in the books and doing the activities while Mrs. Hirt was in the other group. In the other lesson we read out the chapters with Mrs. Hirt and discussed the activities and checked them. 

We also had to read alot for homework and work on the book. 

As soon as we finished the book we had an exam about our book.




KET E+ writing test


I did the test at KET level. Fortunately Mrs Hirt showed us the way from the railway station to the building where the test was. Before the test began, a man called Douglas, gave us some advice for the test and told us the rules you have to obey during the test.

Then we went in a huge hall and put our bags and things at the back of the room. After that we found our place to sit. The places were allocated with our names. You had to put your mobile phone in a small blue bag. The ID you had to put in the corner on the right side of the desk and your Entry Statement also had to be on the table. After some women checked all IDs, Douglas read the instructions out loudly and clearly to us. Then you got a paper with some personal questions, for example where you came from and how old you are… 

When you had filled out this sheet you were given the test. First you had to read the instructions, then we could begin. We had one hour and ten minutes time to finish the test and the answer sheet. The test was very easy to do, at least I think so. In the writing test there was a description of five words that you had to identify for example and you had to write an email. When the time was over we had to stop immediately. Then we had twenty minutes break before the listening test began.




Cambridge KET Exam, Reading


In school we trained with Mrs Hirt for the Cambridge exams. On the exam day, the 6th of June, I was very nervous. In the hall there were a lot of people, children and adults. I thought the reading would be easy and mostly, it was. 

The first exercise was very easy, we had to match sentences to a poster, I was finished very fast with that exercise.

Another exercise was, that we had to complete a dialogue between two people. This was very easy. 

The third exercise was to read a text about a young boy, who loved to cook. After that we had to answer all the questions about the text. One question was a bit difficult because I couldn’t find the answer in the text.

The last exercise was the most difficult. There was a long text with gaps, there were always 3 word possibilities to fill in the gaps. Some were easy and some were difficult.


Luana M


Speaking test 


On Thursday 6th June, we went for our English exam. We did KET. level. At half past eight our train went to Zurich to the main station. There we walked to our destination for the Speaking Exam where we had to wait another half hour. When it was finally time, we went to the first floor of the building. We had to show our Identity Card and then waited. After a short time they called our names, then Krishna and I took a seat in a small room with two older women. Overall, the Speaking Test lasted 10 minutes. We felt the test went well and we subsequently had a good feeling. 




The English+ lessons from August 18 to June 19


For me the lessons were very useful. You learnt new things like the theory of „since“ and „for“ and many other things. In the first hours of our English lessons we had to write a text about ourselves including what we wanted to achieve in the lessons and in the test. I think this was a good idea. At the end of the year you could see if you had reached your goals. We did many grammar inputs with some worksheets in the classroom as well as for homework.  We did some worksheets in every lesson and talked about the problems and solved them. This was very useful I think. We also made a presentation about our apprenticeship. I thought that was a great task for us. We had to work in three small books and solve one unit every week. Sometimes this was stressful, but you had clear rules that had to be followed. 

One of the rules was: 

If you did not solve the tasks more than three times or didn’t sign a test, you would have to leave the course!

I think it's good that there were such strict rules, because that's how you learned something. You knew where the borders were. Very early we started with some „pre-testing“. So we could see where we stood with our knowledge at that moment. In these tests there was a listening, a writing and a reading test. At the end of these tests, Mrs. Hirt sent the tests to Cambridge and they corrected them and sent the results back. After these tests, some people changed to a different group, some up, some down, depending whether they thought that it was too easy or difficult for them. With the pretesting you learnt a lot. I think it's very good that our school offers such a course. You learn new things and revise once learnt topics. This was a big help for me! 

I would recommend it to anyone to do this course.


Vanessa J


The English lessons were very useful for general English learning.

At the beginning we had the pretesting. They were very good to see where you stood. I decided to move down a level after these tests and was then able to work very well at my level and improve. I could work well with the worksheets, could practise grammar and learn new things. Each week, we had to do 1 page in 3 books, through which I could learn the vocabulary, grammar and prevent making typical mistakes. We read a book together. That was very good for me to practise reading, understanding and to understand the sentence structure.




This year I learned a lot in E +, how to speak, read, conjugate grammar and write better.

I came to E + because I wanted to improve my English in general. From Mrs. Hirt I could learn more things and continue to use that knowledge. Unfortunately, I did not take the test because I did not think I would be able to pass it. But in the lessons I read a book, wrote sentences and matched questions mostly beginning with Does.

If I wasn’t sure, I could ask Mrs. Hirt who helped me with what I was struggling with. We always had speaking practise at the beginning of the first lesson.



Diplomfeier 2019

Wir blicken auf eine wunderschöne Diplomfeier zurück, mit bewegenden Worten, Geschenken, Danksagungen und viel herzlichem Applaus.

NSZ Online – Neue Schmittenwis-Zeitung

Die Zeitung der Schülerinnen und Schüler der Sek Schmittenwis: Ausgabe Juli 2019


Die Klassen 3.1 und 3.2 besuchten am 14. Juni 2019 das Technorama. Sie nutzten die Experimentierwerkstatt, nahmen an Workshops und Präsentationen teil, waren dabei aktiv involviert, erlebten Physik nochmals ganz praktisch zum Abschluss des Naturkunde-Unterrichts.

FAKE. Die ganze Wahrheit

Die gesamte 1. Sek besuchte am Mittwoch, 10. April 2019 das Stapferhaus in Lenzburg.

Bildnerisches Gestalten einmal anders…

Hommage an die pixeligen Game-Grafiken aus den Zeiten von Super Mario Bros. – für einmal ganz analog und praktisch.

Kunst im Wahlfach «Bildnerisches Gestalten» bei Frau Hedinger (13.11.2018).

Challenge-Day im November 2018

Am Morgen früh starteten die rund 200 Schülerinnen und Schüler der Sekundarschule ihren Marathonlauf. Wie weit würden sie kommen? Wer schafft es bis ins Ziel? Das Resultat war überwältigend. Alle schafften mindestens einen Halbmarathon, ganze 47 liefen einen ganzen Marathon!

Lager der Klasse 2.3: Sportcamp Melchtal in Obwalden (03.09.-07.09.)

Das Lager 

Das Sportcamp, in dem wir waren, befand sich im Melchtal im Kanton Obwalden. Das Melchtal liegt auf  890 m Höhe. Das Dorf wird durch eine Schlucht abgeschlossen.

Ziel des Klassenlagers war es, das Sozialverhalten zu verbessern und natürlich auch, weil es ein Sportlager war, sportliche Tätigkeiten zu betreiben.


Highlights aus dem Programm


Montag: Wanderung auf das Balmeregghorn

Um 10:00 Uhr liefen wir alle zusammen zur Melchsee-Frutt Gondel und warteten bis wir von Frau Streicher und Herr Weibel die Tickets bekamen, dann ging es auch schon los. Wir stiegen in die Gondel ein und sie bewegte sich langsam vorwärts Richtung Endstation, die Fahrt ging ungefähr 10 Minuten. Als wir alle ausgestiegen sind, liefen wir zusammen um den Melchsee herum. Es war wunderschön. Da die Sonne schien, konnten wir die Aussicht geniessen. Als wir den See umkreist hatten, sassen wir an den Melchsee und assen einen kleinen Snack, weil wir wussten, dass die Wanderung erst jetzt richtig losging. 

Nach der kleinen Pause ging es weiter auf das Balmeregghorn.   Als wir ihn von unten betrachteten, konnten wir uns überhaupt nicht vorstellen, den Berg hinaufzuwandern. Als wir ein paar Meter gegangen waren merkten wir schnell, dass diese Beklimmung kein Kinderspiel war. In einzelnen Gruppen keuchten wir den Berg hinauf, zu vorderst waren Herr Weibel und ein paar Jungs und nach und nach kamen die anderen hinterher. Als man die ersten von unten ganz auf dem Gipfel sah, gaben sich alle nochmal ein bisschen mehr Mühe, da jeder nur noch auf den Gipfel wollte und die Aussicht über das Panorama und die Landschaft geniessen wollte. Und schon bald nach grosser Anstrengung und ein paar vergangenen Minuten standen beziehungsweise sassen wir alle zusammen und tranken aus unseren Wasserflaschen. Es war ein wahnsinniges Gefühl dort oben zu stehen und einfach nur Stolz sein zu können, es bis auf das Balmeregghorn geschafft zu haben.

Donnerstag: Höhlentour

Um 10:00 gingen wir los. Wir fuhren mit einer Gondel nach Melchsee Frutt. Dann mussten wir 30 Minuten zur Höhle wandern. Als wir ankamen, bekamen wir ein Overall von einem sehr netten Bergführer. Wir teilten uns in zwei Gruppen auf. Die zweite Gruppe musste 1 1/2 Stunden warten, da die andere Gruppe in der Höhle war. Die anderen gingen in ein Restaurant und machten ein Spiel namens „Eisbärenspiel“ und tranken nebenbei Schokoladenmilch oder Punsch.

In der Höhle war es kalt, nass und schlammig. Zuerst mussten wir durch einen schmalen Spalt kriechen. Später mussten wir klettern und Hindernisse überwinden. 

In der Höhle gab es viele Stalagmiten und Stalaktiten. Diese Steingebilde entstanden durch Jahrelanges Wassergebilde, die Wellenförmig sind.

Als Abschluss mussten wir uns, an einer Felswand abseilen. Die 30 Meter hoch ist. Für alle Leute war es sehr anspruchsvoll. Am späteren Abend grillierten wir Bratwürste und Cervelats


Zusammengefasst war das Klassenlager ein richtiger Erfolg, weil wir als Klasse viel mehr zusammengewachsen sind. Das war auch das Ziel! 


Redaktion: Klasse 2.3

Rockstars aus dem Wehntal

Ein besonderes Konzert fand am Samstag, 22. September 2018 im Dorfmuseum Lengnau statt. Im Rahmen vom dreitägigen Kulturanlass eat&meet spielten Jugendliche aus der Region eines oder mehrere Lieder vor grossem Publikum. Gleich zwei Formationen kamen aus dem Wehntal. Für viele Jugendliche war es der erste Auftritt überhaupt. Trotz Lampenfiebers legten sie alle eine völlig überzeugende und berührende Show hin. Das Publikum war begeistert, der Applaus überwältigend. Beim anschliessenden Karaoke nahmen Jung und Alt teil. Zum Schluss führten zwei Schülerinnen aus dem Surbtal sogar noch einen selbst komponierten und geschriebenen Song vor.

Für den unvergesslichen Abend bedanken wir uns speziell bei den zwei Musikerinnen von RockStar Music in Ehrendingen, Heather Brewer und Christina Frei. Ihre Energie und ihre ungehemmte Freude an der Musik sind einfach ansteckend. Der Anlass wird nächstes Jahr erneut stattfinden und zwar am Samstag, 21. September 2019. Interessierte können sich schon jetzt an David Burgherr von der Sek Schmittenwis wenden.

Einweihung des jüdischen Kulturwegs, Klasse 3.2, 20. September 2018

Unsere Exkursion Begann damit, dass wir uns am Nachmittag beim Bahnhof trafen. Die Busfahrt nach Lengnau ging schnell und ohne Zwischenfall. Wir wurden fröhlich auf dem Dorfplatz empfangen und die schon gemachten Gruppen wurden den 8 Posten zugeteilt. Insgesamt waren alle Posten sehr toll, aber uns haben diese drei Posten wegen verschiedenen Argumenten besonders überrascht und begeistert:

Spiel bei der Mühle: Bei diesem Posten musste eine Organisatorin dabei sein, die das Leiterspiel leitete. Wir lernten, dass der Alltag eines Juden oder einer Jüdin sehr hart war. Die Juden in der Schweiz durften sich seit dem 17. Jahrhundert nur noch in Lengnau niederlassen. Die Wahl fiel auf dieses Dorf weil es günstig gelegen war. Im Norden war Zurzach, welches ein bedeutender Handelsplatz war. Juden durften nämlich ebenfalls nur als Beruf Händler werden. In diesen Dörfer waren Juden aber nicht bei allen willkommen. Und sie wurden manchmal von Christen ausgeraubt und die Häuser beschädigt.

Ebenfalls lernten wir viel bei dem Posten „Doppeltüre“. Wir, die Pizzaboten, mussten verschiedene Pizzen einem Haus mit Doppeltüre abliefern. Die eine Tür durften nur Christen die andere nur Juden betreten. Die Pizzen, die Koscher sind, durften die Juden essen.

An dem 3. Posten mussten wir unsere Namen auf Hebräisch schreiben. Dies war nicht so einfach, da es im Hebräischen keine Vokale gibt. Der Posten zeigt, wie schwer es die Jüdischen Kinder beim Lernen vom Alphabet hatten.

Für die Posten gab es eine Zeitbeschränkung, die sehr knapp gehalten war. Obwohl der Postenlauf ein wenig stressig war, war es ein toller Ausflug. Nun versammelten wir uns wieder auf dem Dorfplatz und es gab einen erfrischenden Apero. Da es sich um eine Einweihung handelte, kam das Fernehen und es waren Journalisten anwesend. Ein paar Schüler liessen sich Interviewen. Diese Interviews sind auf SRF nachzusehen. Auf der Heimreise dachten wir schon, ein Schüler sei in den falschen Bus eingestiegen. Insgesamt war diese Exkursion ein sehr schönes und eindrückliches Erlebnis.

Redaktion: Sina, Noemi, Nick

Weitere Berichte zu diesem Anlass:
Aargauer Zeitung

Nichts wie Weg(gis)! Lager der Klasse 2.2, 03.-07. September 2018

Am Montag Morgen versammelten wir uns beim Bahnhof Niederweningen Dorf, ausser Ramòn und Emely waren wir vollständig. Diese wurden mit dem Auto hinaufgefahren. Der Rest fuhr als erstes nach Luzern, wo wir einen anspruchsvollen Foxtrail (Schnitzeljagd) machten, welcher in diversen Gruppen ausgeführt wurde. Danach überquerten wir mit dem Schiff den See nach Weggis und liefen den kleinen Berg zum Lagerhaus hinauf. Zusammen genossen wir dann den ersten Abend mit Musik und Tanz. 

Am zweiten Tag begann das Abenteuer mit einem Problem. An der Seilbahnstation mussten wir leider alle erfahren, dass ein Mitschüler schwerwiegende Höhenangst hat. Dieser musste dann von Lukas (dem Bruder von Frau Funke) abgeholt werden und verbrachte den Tag zusammen mit Ramòn und Emely bei der Essensbesorgung. Wegen diesem Zwischenfall verpassten wir unsere reservierte Seilbahn und mussten 30 Minuten warten. Als wir oben ankamen, begann unsere Wanderung. Diese führte uns bis zur Rigi, wo wir ein schönes Panorama genossen. Anschliessend fuhren wir mit der Bahn ein Stückchen runter. Danach teilten wir uns auf; die einen fuhren mit der Seilbahn hinunter und die sehr wanderlustigen legten den Weg zu Fuss zurück. Am späten Nachmittag waren wir alle wieder im Haus zurück. 

Am Mittwoch fand eine abenteuerliche Kanufahrt in Brunnen auf dem Vierwaldstättersee statt. Im Bus auf dem Hinweg bekamen einige komplizierte Magenprobleme... Danach liefen wir zum Bootsverleih. Dort konnten wir uns mit unseren beiden Guides nicht gerade gut anfreunden. Trotzdem war die Tour wunderschön und führte uns zu verborgenen Buchten und durch schmale Felswände. In den drei Grosskanadier war Teamwork gefragt und alle mussten synchron paddeln, was nicht so einfach war. Nach dem Kanufahren duften wir bei der eiskalten Seebadi baden gehen, was jedoch nur die wenigsten taten. Am Schluss beglückte uns Frau Funke mit einem Eis. Bei der anschliessenden Busfahrt gab es keine Vorfälle mehr J. 

Am nächsten Tag machten wir einen Postenlauf um das Haus herum, welcher durch Frau Küng, Emely und Ruby organisiert wurde. Nachmittags war ein Besuch in der Badi geplant, doch dieser wurde einstimmig abgewählt. Eine Person hatte dafür nicht so viel Verständnis, hatte aber dann doch mit seiner kalten Dusche einen kleinen Trostpreis. Am Abend wurde sehr köstlich und deliziös grilliert. Alle Abendessen waren dank den Kochgruppen und der Küchenchefin Frau Funke Senior gut gelungen. Nach dem Essen machten wir ein kleines Lagerquiz, anschliessend durften wir die aussergewöhnlich guten Fotos unserer krassen Klassenkameraden ansehen. Danach gingen wir ins Bett, um unsere letzte Nacht dort zu verbringen. Am Freitag durften wir den Morgen mit anspruchsvollen Putzeinheiten verbringen. Anschliessend verliessen wir unser Lagerhaus. Danach fuhren wir mit stürmischem Seewind in Richtung Luzern, wo wir ein Mittagessen zu uns nahmen. Am Schluss reisten wir glücklich und müde mit dem Zug zurück nach Hause. 

Redaktion: Ayleen Kolb, Ryan McKeown und Ramon Christen

Götti-Gotti-Event vom 21. August 2018: Die 3.-Sekler begleiten die neuen 1.-Sekler

Besuch im Atelier von Behrouz Varghaiyan vom 14. Juni 2018

Challenge-Day im April 2018


Über 200 motivierte Schülerinnen und Schüler der Sek Schmittenwis haben sich an das Experiment «Lip Dub» gewagt. Das Ergebnis lässt sich sehen!

Video: QwEr Jorns, Philipp Bleuer (qwerFLIP Productions)